History of Mt. Spokane Church Ministries

Early Years-
Mt. Spokane Church Ministries traces it’s roots to the early 1900’s and Lloyd Memorial Evangelical United Brethren Church in Northwest Spokane. Rev. Lloyd came from the Hangman Creek area of Southwest Spokane to start a church in the northwest part of the city near Fairmont Cemetery. It was a very rural area with few homes in 1905. The city incorporated the area and built a streetcar system along Driscoll Boulevard placing the end of the line with a turn around near the new church. It became known as the Hollywood District with the turn around near Brown Elementary School. The area is now known and recognized by it’s proximity to Wellesley Avenue, Shadle Park, Joe Albi Stadium, the Veterans Hospital, and Fairmont Cemetery. A group of neighbors met with Rev. Lloyd and a small house was built and used as a church. With just two rooms they held Sunday School and a Church Service for a few years. In 1911 a new church building was completed a few blocks away from the wooden house. The building is located on the corner of Princeton and “G” street.

Lloyd Memorial Church, as part of the Evangelical United Brethren Denomination, was a very conservative and traditional group of people who took the Bible literally. The church grew to a congregation of almost 100 people made up of families who lived in the area. The denomination appointed pastors and many served the church. Generally a pastor stayed 3-5 years. The longest tenured pastorate was 11 years and the pastor went on to become a college president. The area continued to grow over the years and the church ministry served a great number of individuals and families.


In the 1960’s the Evangelical United Brethren Denomination merged with the Methodist and became known as the United Methodist Denomination. Lloyd Memorial Church was closed and a new building known as Audubon Park United Methodist Church was built about a mile away to replace the aging facility.

After a few years a group of people from First Baptist Church in downtown Spokane – who had the desire to form a new, independent, Bible believing community church purchased the old Lloyd Memorial Building and renamed it Community Bible Chapel. John and Betty Moore and a few other families had been meeting in Stevens School, Northwest Christian School, and the Moore home before eventually purchasing the Lloyd Memorial building. A number of residents who had previously attended Lloyd Memorial Church returned to form the new congregation.

The ministry continued to serve around 100 families and in the early 1970’s Rev. Earl Mortlock began to serve as Pastor. He had been instrumental in starting Northwest Christian Schools as well as Inland Empire School of the Bible that merged with, and is now operated as Moody Bible Institute in Spokane. Pastor Mortlock invited a young Bible College student named Bob Smith to help him serve at Community Bible Chapel. Bob eventually became Senior Pastor and continues to serve the church ministry now for almost 40 years.

Planting A New Church-

In 2002 Community Bible Chapel planted a new church that began meeting in Mt. Spokane High School. The church was named Mt. Spokane Church and a new building was completed next to the High School on Mt. Spokane Park Drive in 2005.

When the congregation moved from Community Bible Chapel and began operating as Mt. Spokane Church there was little understanding of what was actually taking place. What they did know was that God was leading them and that He did not want them to sell the Community Bible Chapel building. The result was the church began offering services at both the Mt. Spokane Church and Community Bible Chapel locations. God blessed both locations and their congregations grew while operating under the umbrella of one church.

A Multisite Church-
 Over the next few years the congregation began to realize the structure of the ministry they were developing was being referred to as a ‘multisite church’. It seemed that since the late 1990’s God had been leading many churches, of many different sizes and denominations, to follow the path of ‘being one church… in different locations.’ Amazingly many stories were, and are continuing to be told of experiences similar to Mt. Spokane Church Ministries across the United States. Most of the churches have had little understanding of what they were doing! As God’s moving began to be reported – ‘multisite’ terminology and ideas began to be developed and shared as a movement of God that is continuing to grow.

As a result of the developing “multisite church” movement of God the official name of the ministry known as Community Bible Chapel was changed to Mt. Spokane Church Ministries. It began operating as one church with two campuses – Mt. Spokane Church and Community Bible Chapel – along with other venues offering specialized services.

 At the Annual Business meeting in 2011 the congregation voted to consolidate the ministries at Community Bible Chapel to the Mt. Spokane Church Campus. The Community Bible Chapel site was sold to another church family in 2011.

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