We are excited to introduce some new opportunities for people to become involved in our church family. Our new approach is called Creating Spaces! It is intended to provide everyone who calls our church home a sense of belonging – especially our volunteers! Creating Spaces is an intentional effort to provide a meaningful place for everyone and develop meaningful relationships with other people as we serve our Lord Jesus Christ together.

Life Development Classes
Coming to a new church is like sitting down to watch a film that has already begun. You have a lot of catching up to do! It can make you feel very frustrated trying to understand the story, the characters, and just feeling comfortable sitting next to someone you don’t know. We are sympathetic to your feelings here at Mt. Spokane Church. We are a growing family of believers with many who have recently arrived. You’re not alone in your sense of awkwardness!
Our Life Development Classes are designed to help get everyone on the “same page.”
Our Classes include: 101- Membership, 201- Maturity, 301- Ministry, and 401- Missions.
We hold these classes on a regular basis and schedule them as there is need. Designed for those who serve Christ as part of our church family, the four classes help us all use the same “game plan.”
If you are a member of the church or are attending and want to serve in some way, please fill out the following form and we’ll get back to you soon.